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Client Retention: Helping Pe...

A 1 day Masterclass by Simon Turmanis Principal Clinical Psychologist + Clinical Director at S T & A Psychology.

This workshop is recommended for psychologists, counsellors, therapists, psychiatrists, OT’s, health coaches, speech pathologists, working in solo practice, in group practices, larger organisations, not for profits, conducting telehealth, in person therapy, in hospitals and the community treatment teams. It is also recommended for practice managers, receptionists/administration working alongside or with therapists. It is not recommended that an individual therapist, group practice owner, practice manager, principal psychologist, team leader, Supervisor, or receptionist undertake the training and attempt to share this information in an ad hoc way with their team, colleagues, or supervisee’s , without having the individual team members, supervisee’s, or colleagues attend the full workshop training.

Watch the videos below and Hear from Psychologists, practice owners, Practice Managers & Receptionists from ST & A Psychology and Sydney City Psychology as they describe the impact that the workshop had on them, their team, their practice, and their clients.

Dana Mitrovic, Principal Clinical Psychologist & Director at Exclusive Wellbeing said:

“What a day! Big expression of gratitude out to Simon Turmanis for his inspirational, thought (and emotion) provoking workshop “Helping People: How well are you doing it?”. Thank you to all the participants who shared so openly and really took the plunge into self exploration in order to be better versions of themselves for themselves, their clients and everyone whose lives they touch. If you are in the helping profession, I highly recommend that you consider attending any of Simon’s upcoming workshops. You cannot walk away disappointed! #gratitude #selfcompassion #compassion #therapy #growth #neverstoplearning

2 years post the workshop, Natalie Glaser, Practice Owner and Clinical Psychologist at Sydney City Psychology said:

“The client retention workshop was excellent for myself as a practice owner and clinician and for my associate psychologists. The workshop presented a thorough understanding of the literature around client retention which was helpful to under pin the strategies presented in the workshop to improve client retention. The workshop provided practical strategies which were useful to engage and hold clients but also to support and develop the psychologists I supervise to build their own practices and better serve their clients. It also helped from a business perspective in how we could implement processes and procedures to improve client retention and treatment outcomes.”

To benefit significantly from this training & research information, I will either come to you at your practice, train you & your team in a workshop, or provide this workshop online, to help you improve & grow as therapists & become facilitators of each others’ improved treatment outcomes as a function of increased Client retention. You’ll learn what factors to look out for & how to manage clients who could drop out of therapy early. We have a workshop for the public you can join coming up. (click on the link at the top of this page).