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Simon Turmanis

I am an extremely caring, warm, open, helpful, respectful, supportive, encouraging, hardworking and compassionate person. I am very passionate about helping people…well. Helping people to reduce their suffering is important to me. I will want to understand the unique way you are suffering or struggling to cope. I work hard to help those who decide […]

Suzanne Carmichael

I am an empathic, thoughtful, person-centred psychologist with over 18 years experience helping people in clinical, counselling and organisational settings cope with difficult situations, at times traumatic situations, to cope, and improve their health, wellbeing and satisfaction with life. I am passionate about helping you work towards what’s important to you in your life and […]

Jacob de Wet

I am a compassionate and approachable person, and through my work as a Psychologist in Manly, I am committed to treating people with warmth, care and dignity. My approach to therapy is actively guided by your strengths, needs and circumstances, where I encourage collaboration to best support and empower you to be able to create […]

Edwina Wong

I am an extremely professional, warm, friendly, empathic and thoughtful Psychologist in Manly. If you choose to work with me, I will listen and care with interest as we work together to understand how your issues have developed over time, what’s maintaining these issues, and the best way to help you cope more effectively. I […]

Dr Matthew Gerathy

Warm, friendly and approachable, I am extremely passionate about helping people live happier, more fulfilling and productive lives through raising self-awareness and compassion. If you choose to work with me I will provide a respectful and compassionate therapeutic space where collaboratively we can build a strong client-therapist relationship. It is important to me that all […]

Sabrina Choo

I am a warm, caring, compassionate and empathetic person. As a Psychologist in Manly, I will be committed to treating you with compassion, care and dignity and dedicated to helping you reach your goals of therapy, whatever that takes. My approach to therapy is person centred where goals and treatment plans are actively guided by […]

Mark Podesta

I am a highly compassionate, warm, approachable, professional Psychologist in Manly committed to providing a safe and supportive space for you to explore your strengths, needs, issues, concerns and circumstances. I value open communication and authenticity, ensuring that you will feel heard and understood. My approach to therapy is collaborative, supporting and empowering you to […]